Parents sticking together

Being a parent of a child who spends a lot of time in hospital, I’ve met some pretty amazing people. Some have children born with conditions, like Lewis, others have acquired conditions as the result of illness or injury. Irrespective of how your child came to have their diagnosis/illness, it is a tough, long road…Read more »

Windmills and Butterflies

think my hubby may throttle me soon. I think he’s beginning to hate fairy lights!!! My youngest son loves lights and windmills etc so I am slowly but surely filling our garden with windmills, wind chimes and lights. Family and friends are helping me build up our sensory collection much to his annoyance (I think…Read more »

Kindness When Least Expected

I’ve got a cousin who lives not far from me and we meet up here when we can. In the past we seemed to meet up only once every few years due to life and family and work commitments. We have started to see each other more regularly and it’s really brightened me up. Now…Read more »

A hidden gem in the NHS

I am an incredibly lucky person to live in the country I do as it has a health service that is accessible to all. So many people slag of the NHS and it’s waiting times, delayed operations and queues in Accident & Emergency but me, I cannot find fault with a service that has been…Read more »

Mental Health Awareness Week

It seems quite appropriate that last week was #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek. Mental Health is a subject that as a society we still shy away from talking about it and it continues to be as big a taboo now as years ago. Yes the Royals and all these celebs are putting their names to all the #MentalHealth charities…Read more »


Not just emotionally (a whole other post to follow I’m sure) but physically. Oh My days how much weight can one person put on when trying to lose It??? It appears in my case to be a lot and boy is it getting to me!! 2 yrs ago just prior to falling ill I weighed…Read more »