Unbalanced Parenting Just Isn’t Fair

Bringing up children with a loving husband was always a dream when I was younger.  Being 1 of 5 children, I dreamt of having a large family, a loving husband and all the love that comes from being a family.  In 1999 I met Paul when we both both started working at University of Portsmouth…Read more »

Summer Days, Trying To Smile

Nobody can miss that the UK has been hit by a rather hot heatwave and that people all over the country are basking in the sunshine and making the most of this glorious week. I used to love the hot weather. Always made me smile and feel happy. I used to love sitting outside with…Read more »

Collecting Thoughts and Pins & Needles

You know those evil pens you can get that you leave lying around and wait for some poor sucker to pick it up and press the button only to receive an electric shock? Imagine the feeling of that electrical charge running through your fingers 24/7 and you will be somewhere close to how my fingers…Read more »

Summer Days & Wheelchair antics!

What has happened to the UK? We appear to have this bright yellow thing in the sky and it’s making everyone feel happy!!! I’m so glad we had my son’s adaptations completed last year. The ramp into the garden has been a blessing to me. I have been able to get myself out into the…Read more »

Showers At Lightening Speed …..

Well maybe not lightening speed in reality but in my head they are! Due to the frustrating lack of feeling in my lower body, I can no longer have a relaxing soak in the bath or stand for hours in a steamy hot shower.I now have to use the facilities that have been provided for…Read more »

Acceptance Isn’t Easy

Why does life have to be so blinking awkward? I mean do we need any more added stress than ‘normal’ life throws at us? I’ve been home now for 7 weeks and its been a trying time. I’ve had to learn to fit in to a very busy family life and try and find my…Read more »

Tired but can’t sleep

I’ve been home for 2 weeks now and I’m loving being with my family. I’ve got to learn how to manage my fatigue and what I do each day so that I can remain on top of it. I’ve been pretty emotional these past few days and I don’t know if it’s because I’m tired…Read more »

What Is Transverse Myelitis?

I know I’m probably doing this all out if sync  but here us some info from the Transverse Myelitis Association TM can be the presenting feature of Multiple Sclerosis. In individu als with acute partial transverse myelitis and normal brain MRI, about 10-33 percent develop MS over a five to ten-year period. If the brain…Read more »

No Answers And A Big Change

On Thursday I went to see my neurologist with hopes of getting some answers and a plan for moving forward. As you can tell by the title, we didn’t get any answers. Until I have another relapse they will not diagnose MS. I can’t work out how I’ll know I’m having a relapse but there…Read more »