Bladders, Botox and Catheters

Yes they do all go together in one sentence. I never thought this would be a subject I would really openly talk about but thanks to a chat with the amazing @msgracefullnot via video call, I feel more able to open up and talk about my experiences. Having a neurological condition (or 2) has knock…Read more »

Are you scared to talk to me? 

That is a big question and one I feel needs addressing, not just for me but for everyone going through a tough emotional time.  How many times have you crossed over the road to avoid having to talk to someone you know who has been through a traumatic time? How many times have you avoided…Read more »

Emotions + Pain = Frustration

Today has been one of those days that you wish You could start all over again.  I didn’t sleep well due to my usual washing machine thoughts plus really bad pains in my right arm, that had me calling out for pain relief at 5am. I’ve not had to ask for pain relief in the…Read more »

MS or not MS that is the question!

On Wednesday 14th Sept 2016 I have an appointment with the MS specialist at my local hospital.  I have been referred to them as I haven’t made the progress that was expected of me.   My most recent MRI scan showed no new lesions in my brain or C Spine which is good although I…Read more »

They Say No Pain, No Gain

Well that’s total Croc!!!!! Pain is certainly not gaining me anything. Since Sunday I have been unable to use my right arm properly. It feels like a dead weight next to my body and when I move it I get shooting needle pain from top to bottom. It makes me feel physically sick and makes…Read more »

Been A While, embarrassment – Oh Dear

It’s been a while since I last posted on here. School holidays have been a tad hectic, keeping Adam occupied whilst grinning & bearing my symptoms. I’ve had to make sure I am awake when  Adam is as it wouldn’t be fair on him if I slept day in , day out.  We’ve managed 3…Read more »