MS or not MS that is the question!

On Wednesday 14th Sept 2016 I have an appointment with the MS specialist at my local hospital. 

I have been referred to them as I haven’t made the progress that was expected of me.  

My most recent MRI scan showed no new lesions in my brain or C Spine which is good although I do have 3 white matter lesions in my brain. These lesions along with my blood and lumbar puncture results will hopefully give the Dr’s enough evidence to make a decision  as to whether I have MS or not. 

Now obviously I don’t want to have a disease/diagnosis that will dictate the rest of my life but it would give me answers as to why certain things have happened the way they have. It would give us the tools to start building a future based on facts and would mean we can then look at medications/treatments that will make life better. 

Nobody wants to hear that their life is going to change but given the right tools people can make a start on carving out a path for their future. 

Either way whatever is said we will keep on fighting and we will get through this!!!
So here is to Wednesday – the day my new path begins 

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