Windmills and Butterflies

think my hubby may throttle me soon. I think he’s beginning to hate fairy lights!!!

My youngest son loves lights and windmills etc so I am slowly but surely filling our garden with windmills, wind chimes and lights.

Family and friends are helping me build up our sensory collection much to his annoyance (I think he loves it!!)

We’ve installed a 1.8m curved water wall, lights around the gazebo, brightly coloured wind spinners and wind socks, swinging birds, bunting, rotating chimes, colour changing lights

The garden is our happy place. We had a wonderful BBQ yesterday for L birthday and the weather was glorious.

Chimes rang in the breeze, the windmills spun, assisted by small hands as well.

Lights up as the darkness set in making a beautiful quiet haven from everyday life.

I need to add to my collection of decorative lights though. We’ve got dragonflies, butterflies, flowers, an owl, birds and I think we need more!!! Lewis lies mesmerized by the waterwall and under the chimes and wind spinners.


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