Parents sticking together

Being a parent of a child who spends a lot of time in hospital, I’ve met some pretty amazing people.

Some have children born with conditions, like Lewis, others have acquired conditions as the result of illness or injury.

Irrespective of how your child came to have their diagnosis/illness, it is a tough, long road that can be, at times, isolating and lonely.

Time and again we are reminded of how individual our children are and how you can not compare one to another.

I”ve met some really amazing people, all who have faced such stressful, hard times.

Ive learnt so much from others and have faced tough times but had such support from those Ive known forever and those Ive not long met.

I want to say to all those mums & dads I’ve met along the way that you are all amazing. You have such huge hearts and your children are so incredibly lucky to have you fighting their corner.

Believe in yourselves and all you do. Noone can do a better job than you!

I will always be here for my friends, new and old, will hold your hand/be a shoulder to cry on/an ear to rant in whenever you need it.

Most of all thank you for being there for me and for giving me the strength to keep fighting

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