Kindness When Least Expected

I’ve got a cousin who lives not far from me and we meet up here when we can. In the past we seemed to meet up only once every few years due to life and family and work commitments.

We have started to see each other more regularly and it’s really brightened me up.

Now since I came out of hospital she has constantly asked if there is anything she can do to help improve mine and the family’s lives but I’ve always said it’s ok, we’ll find ways round things like we’ve always done.

Well after much nagging (in a nice supportive way ) we have permission for her to find a way to help get things done or sourced in a bid to help us out.

Well to my surprise she decided to set up a gofundme crowd funding page to try and raise us some extra funds to get what we need.

At first both Paul and I found this a bit awkward. It’s all well and good raising funds for L and his complex needs. His equipment is costly and rarely funded by the NHS. To raise for me and the family is a whole new ball game. No-one would support us. People have their own financial commitments and don’t want to help us.

How wrong was I??!!

In 5 days she has raised 3/4 of her target and I still see donations floating in each day.

I’m absolutely blown away by people’s generosity and kindness towards us. We’re just a family who is plodding along. Yet there are kind amazing people out there who care enough to donate a little to help.

I don’t know how to thank my cousin enough for trying to find a way to help us out.

Thank you my lovely.

You’ve no idea

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