Summer Days & Wheelchair antics!

What has happened to the UK? We appear to have this bright yellow thing in the sky and it’s making everyone feel happy!!!

I’m so glad we had my son’s adaptations completed last year. The ramp into the garden has been a blessing to me.

I have been able to get myself out into the garden and spend time with my youngest son Lewis who is on inset day from school.

I’ve been able to watch him push, pull roll play doh, make shapes and have water play whilst being abley assisted by his superb 1-1 Tasha.

I’ve been sat here taking photos of my little man transferring items hand from hand.

His 1-1 has the most amazing relationship with him. They clicked from day 1 and we’d be lost without her. She really gets the best from Lewis and the smiles she gets back from Lewis are magical.
Watching the way they made play doh models and splashed in the water, oh and shot me with a water pistol, has made me smile all day.

Once I’d done my jobs downstairs I was able to sit out and spend quality time with them.

Tasha did me a huge favour today. She was kind enough to put suncream on my feet as I couldn’t reach and also some on my back/shoulders. She is a diamond. I never expect any of Lewis’ Carers to do anything for me but this act of kindness is one of many that not only Tasha but the whole team have shown.
I really needed the lotion on my feet after them reacting to the sun yesterday and as I can’t feel them it meant I wouldn’t know if burned of not.
Such a simple thing but one I didn’t think of when sat in my wheelchair with a dress on and no shoes or socks. 
I really should have worked this out myself but clearly it escaped me. I now have 2 burnt feet and have a feeling I’d be struggling to walk without being in pain.  I really am a muppet!

I really wish I could use my legs, especially in this fine weather. I wish I could do school runs, take Adam to his clubs etc but I can’t. I’ve had to beg and plead with friends to take Adam to school 3 days s week. 

I hate relying on people, especially those who I have little acquaintece with.

It’s such a rubbish situation!


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