Do You Ever Get The Feeling It’s Going To Be….

….. one of those days/weeks/months where nothing you do makes things any better. .

The past few days have been a really hard struggle. My right arm is so much weaker and I keep dropping things. I couldn’t even cut up my dinner today &  had to ask my hubby to help me. 

How bloody hard can it be to cut up a piece of dinner???? I really couldn’t do it. My arms,shoulders, neck, fingers, head all feel like they have been on fire all day with deep stabbing intense pain.  It has really wiped me out. The past 2 days I have struggled to stay awake. I keep nodding off in my wheelchair in the mist bizarre situation – I swear I resemble Noddy – I just keep falling asleep and jolting awake just minutes later. I’ve dropped yogurt and tea because of my random dropping off. I can’t work out why it happens. It’s a horrible horrible feeling which I hate. 

I’ve tried so hard to do sit-to-stands and pedal away on my bike but I just cant achieve what I want to because of the fatigue and pain.

I really can’t explain this fatigue. I just can’t get rid of it and feel like I’ve been bulldozed by a 10 tonne truck and it keeps reversing back over me!! I feel like a completely useless person right now. I’ve been avoiding hugs from anyone as the contact with my arms, shoulders, neck etc is excruciatingly painful. I feel awful avoiding them but when I do need to give a hug I’m trying to grin and bear it. It’s making me cranky which makes me no fun to be around. 
I don’t know how to fix this. Will it just pass or will it get worse? How do I manage this??

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