Finding friendship at just the right time

You have probably heard me moan many a time now that since falling ill with this debilitating condition that I have seemed to have ‘lost’ friendships in a very short space of time and that no matter how many offers of tea or coffee I’ve made, no-one has taken me up on them.

Through the years of hospital life with my son I have found that those who provide much needed support and advice are those in a similar position. I’ve been surrounded by these people for years now and some are my most dearest friends but outside of this network I lack friendship from ‘ordinary’ folk. It’s like people only see my life with L and forget that I am also mum to a brilliant,smart attentive 12yr old who is just as much a priority as L. I hate choosing between one or the other and the decisions are never taken lightly. I have a few friends in exactly the same situation.

The same thing seems to have happened since my own health became an issue and despite a few very close friends who I met thanks to L the only others are those in a similar health saga.

Since my admission to hospital I’ve become close to 3 very different people. Each one is as valuable as the other and have all helped me during this difficult time.

1 is a patient with health needs similar to mine

1 is the wife of a patient on the ward who I connect with not only through my experiences of being a carer it also as being a patient and seeing things from her husband’s point of view

The 3rd is a relative of a patient I met on the respiratory ward and we clicked from day 1.

These 3 people have, along with the other few friends, gotten me through some pretty tough times emotionally and their constant presence in my life lately has been very gratefully received.

I’ve had such a laugh with each of them and I am truly thankful for their support, understanding and even the nagging when I’ve found it hard to take on huge challenges.

Everyone of us have our own battles ahead yet we’ve been supporting each other through them so far and I fully intend to make sure that we continue to do so when in our individual settings

I genuinely feel that despite the shit thats been thrown at me these past 4 months that I have gained some amazing life long friendships and will do all I can to reciprocate the friendship they have shown me.

Now to wait for everyone to settle back into their new normal and bring on the monthly coffee and cake!!!

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