The ‘H’ Word is upon us!

The title says it all.

The H word has been discussed and will be happening on the 25th of April. 16 weeks after being admitted to hospital I will be an outpatient not an inpatient.

It’s not been an easy 16 weeks that’s for sure but with determination, frustrations, laughter and tears I am at the end of this stage of the journey and at the start of my next.

I have to face up to a lot of changes in my life, from no longer being able to care for Lewis to being dependant on a wheelchair to mobilise myself.
I’ve got to look at life from a whole new level. Now I wasn’t tall before I became ill but now I’m just that little bit shorter!!!

Being here in Snowdon Rehabilitation Unit has really given am insight into the hard work that is put in to getting those affected by traumatic brain injuries, strokes & various other neurological conditions, back into their homes and living some kind of ‘normal’ life.

The staff here are beyond excellent. The level of care they give is second to none and the key to helping those admitted getting back to some sort of normality. They don’t just care for the patients, they take the time to get to know the families and work with them to achieve the highest level of care possible.
I’ve had days when all I’ve done is cry. Trying to reach my targets and pushing myself through every possible emotion and feeling like I’ve failed has left me so drained. The staff have come in and picked me up, made me smile again and reminded me that to reach any goal I need to break it down and not pressurise myself into going full tilt and leaving myself so drained I can’t manage anything the next day.
They’ve made me laugh and taught me that anything is possible with the right support in place.

Each and every member of staff on the ward, from housekeepers, Healthcare Assistants, nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, Rehabilitation Assistants and doctors have contributed to my rehabilitation and encouraged me to achieve the best I can. It is down to their care, attention, encouragement and laughter that I am the stage that I am ready to go home and tackle all the next challenges head on.
I never believed,dreamt that after being told I have TM that I would be in the position I am in now.

I’m so lucky I can now sit up unsupported and am able to mobilise myself in a wheelchair, as well as walk a few metres with a walking frame.

There are things I can’t do due to the lack of feeling and sensation from the top of my trunk down and that may or may not return. For now I will fight on and face any new challenges that come my way.

I absolutely cannot wait for Monday to arrive.
I cannot wait to be home with my 2 boys. To kiss them goodnight and snuggle them down.  I cannot wait to be able to watch them sleep, dreaming happy dreams and to hold them tight when they need a hug.

To be able to sit and chat to my husband face to face without having to whatsapp him.

To have a proper cup of tea (no more rubbish teabags), to help make dinner and finally be a family again.
I’m not denying that adjusting to home life will be hard. Of course it will be after so long but it’s home and it’s where I belong.

Just 2 more sleeps as Adam would say and I’ll be home, HOME!!!

Ps No telling Adam!!! I cannot wait to see his face when he gets home from school and sees me there for good!!!!!

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