Onwards to the next challenge!!

Thursday 28th April hopefully brings an answer to something that has been over hanging us since the beginning of January.

When I had my contrast MRI done, they scanned my brain as well.
(Yes they found one before you make a comment!!)

My brain scan showed that I had lesions on my brain. These were inactive lesions that signified that there was an underlying problem.

I’ve had a lumbar puncture and numerous blood tests (some of which were sent to Oxford.)
These tests when analysed may very well, almost likely lead to my Consultant Neurologist telling us that I have Multiple Sclerosis  (MS)

We have had of plenty time to think long and hard about this. Whether it is MS or not we do know that I have some form of neurological disorder. 

We are know this result won’t affect how we face life etc.

I am already in a wheelchair and have significant changes to my life so we will just tackle it all head on and work towards keeping our family happy and strong. 

If I have MS then we will do our research, ask questions and just keep plodding forwards.

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