Computer Days No

Well the scan for DVT was no.

One weight off of my mind as I start this weekend.
The doppler showed no evidence of clots and confirmed that there is an infection in my legs, as we already knew.

My legs are bright red and glowing and if I could feel them I have
a feeling I would be ready to chop my legs off.

It took 3 weeks for the last lot of antibiotics to kick in.

I spent the night with dry wipes soaked in cold water wrapped around my legs.

This morning things escalated and the itching became intense. My arms are raw from scratching and all I want to do is rip my arms off. Every part of my body that I can feel is itching badly. I’m covered in lanacane cream but it’s doing nothing.
we’ve worked out that I appear to have developed an allergy to Flucloxacillin, the antibiotics I am on for my cellulitis.

It is soooo frustrating!!!

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