Accepting New Challenges and Facing Old Ones

Since the 2nd of January I have had to face so many challenges. Some I’ve won, some I’ve lost and others are still ongoing.

I’ve learned to sit up properly again, I’ve learned to wash and dress myself, I’ve learned to mobilise in a self-propelling wheelchair.

I’ve lost the ability to climb the stairs, I’ve lost the ability to use my bladder properly, I’ve lost my control over my pain

I haven’t yet managed to walk any decent distance but I’m trying, I’m trying to manage my daily routine, I’m trying to find acceptance of what has happened to me, I’m trying to accept my change in family set up.

Each of these tasks I’ve tackled head on, I’ve not given in to them with ease and I’m fighting hard to win the ones I still face.

I’ve now been set a new challenge. One I hadn’t expected but I will tackle it head on.
My godmother has challenged me to cook her a meal in my own home. Now this is a challenge worth laughing at. I’ve not cooked in nearly 4 mths and it never was the greatest!! Not sure whether she knows how bad my cooking is but hey I’ll give it a shot.if it doesn’t work out there is always a take away!!!

SN Mum

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