Getting Comfortable (Maybe Not)

How many times in our daily routines do we carry out tasks without even thinking about what we are doing?  Making a drink, going to the loo, making dinner, popping out to see a friend.

I think I’ve become too comfortable in parts of my therapy.

I’ve been confidently transferring from wheelchair to bed/loo/bench with my frame and I’m guessing I was too comfortable with it.

On Saturday I learned the hard way about not getting to comfortable.

I had my first fall where I ended up flat on my back on the floor of the bathroom. Rather humiliating and I felt like I’d really had the rug pulled from under my confidence.

Sunday whilst transferring from my chair to bed using my frame I experience an amazing drop straight onto my coccyx, whacking my shoulder blades on the bed frame and feeling like I’m a complete plonker!

Since 10pm last night my right leg decided to go in to an almighty spasm and 21hrs on it still hasn’t let up and I’m in agony & exhausted.

It’s really worn me down physically and emotionally. I really want to progress with my therapy but falling and jumpy legs are breaking down the head space I need to get going.

I know I’ll get back to it but at the moment my emotions are running the show and I’m going to have to work on getting my head round it all. I guess it scared me because what if it happens again,at home or here? I can’t do anything reliant on my legs as I just don’t trust them.

Being away from my family is really hurting and every goodbye is harder. These falls and lack of trust I have is going to keep me away longer.

It’s ridiculous I know. I know people have falls all the time but it’s a new thing to me and it’s flipping frustrating.

One lesson learned!! When you are carrying out a task don’t let it control you, don’t get complacent and comfortable.

One confused lady signing out to try and get this muddle sorted.

SN Mum

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