Not The Same Condition But The Same Feelings

There are many people I’m our lives who try to understand exactly how you feel but until you’ve been in that situation you just can’t understand fully the true impact it has on a person.

It’s been quite hard here at Snowdon as all the patients except me have got a brain injury of some sort, which has made finding someone who understands where I’m at very difficult

That was until 2 weeks ago.
I was asked to make 2 new ladies feel welcome to the ward and have a chat about things etc.

Well I’ve met the person who actually understands how I feel, what I think and has the same family values as I have.

The lovely Gemma has come to Snowdon after being diagnosed with Cauda Equina Syndrome. She has been left with a lack of feeling from the middle down and has a right leg that won’t work. She is a doting mum of two beautiful children and she is finding it hard being away from her kids.

We talk every day about how we feel about things and we pick each other up when we are down.
She has introduced me to the Spinal Injuries Association  (SIA) where I can get support.

Since being diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis I haven’t been given any information about it or been told about support networks like SIA.
Although I clearly know I have a spinal cord injury, I haven’t been told I can have support from these places.

Gemma has helped me emotionally when I’ve struggled to see beyond my immediate problem and she’s made me laugh so many times.
I haven’t felt comfortable talking about things like my catheter and such but she has helped me by explaining her situation.

It’s amazing the people you meet on these horrendous journeys. Everyone pulls together and watches our for each other.

SN Mum

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