The Journey That Crosses Many Paths

I’ve been sat here today looking at how my journey with #Transversemyelitis has lead me to cross paths with some amazing inspirational people.

I met a lady who had a tumor on her pituitary gland and had successful surgery to remove it and was such a bubbly encouraging person  and left a mark in my heart.

I met a lady who’d had a stroke and was determined not to let it beat her and had the most brilliant sense of humour and spark for life

I’ve met a lady who has Cauda Equina Syndrome who despite having no feeling in her right leg and has faced it head on, adapting the things she does to remain fully involved in her children’s lives. She has tackled other side effects with determination and strength despite being made to feel sick and generally unwell. I’ve only known her a week but she has been a huge support and reassured and encouraged me when things have been tough.

Then there is Jordan. A 19 yr old lad who after the most horrendous accident has been left with a brain injury that is having a huge impact on his life. His drive and determination to keep succeeding at what he does is truly inspirational. He has this deep hearted fight for life which pushes through. I mean at his worst he was ventilated via a tracheostomy and had many surgical procedures to try and save him. To look at him now is truly amazing.  He is now walking, talking & moving on to the next stage of his recovery in his journey to independent living.

It’s so amazing how meeting people with very different injuries have affected me and inspired me to do all I can to be the best mum and wife I can be despite my illness.

It’s thanks to them that I keep on fighting to better myself and be the person I want to be not what the illness has done to me.

SN Mum

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