Hands That Do Dishes – NOT!!

My hands are a nightmare at the moment. Even typing this is a struggle. They feel odd, the tops of my arms are burning and my shoulders are hurting like hell. My fingers are numb and I’m struggling to hold pens and picking up cutlery is difficult.

I had to admit defeat and ask another patient to cut up my dinner as I couldn’t cut it up let alone use a fork.

It’s hard work self propelling a wheelchair when your hands and arms are burning like hell.

It’s really frustrating just how much we take for granted when using our hands.

Everyday simple tasks aren’t so simple any more and it’s driving me mad. Can’t open things, hold anything for any period of time, doing buttons etc!

Add in the problem that I rely on my hands and arms to hold me up when using my frame to walk and I just end up in agony. Feels like all the muscles in my arms and my shoulders are burning.

I’m so fed up of all this now. Been in hospital for 3 months and it is starting to wear thin that I’m not improving as I’d hoped, as my husband hoped.

I really hope this nightmare is over soon.

SN Mum

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