Stairlift To Freedom

After the disastrous home visit last week the decision was made that no matter what was to happen with my recovery, a stair lift was the only way to get me upstairs and enabling me to get into my own bed and to be able to kiss Adam goodnight.

Thanks to my amazing parents, Paul & my mum went to test drive a few different stair lifts on Saturday and chose and ordered a Handicare 2000. This piece of equipment is going to enable me to do normal things that families do – go to kiss kids good night & tuck them in, sleep in my own bed, chat to my husband without having to coordinate time to talk.

It is my parents generosity that has lifted a huge weight off of my shoulders and put back the reality of coming home!!!

Whilst the stair lift is a huge part of getting me home, it isn’t the only thing. I’ve still got goals I need to meet in my therapy and there is the ever looming neurologists appointment, which I am in a way dreading.

Home is getting closer and whilst I can’t wait to be back with my family I am also dreading it. I’ve identified that I felt like a spare part when I did my home visit, I also felt very much in the way.

I know it’s just the nerves and it wasn’t really like that but it did feel very strange.

I guess it’s another step in my journey to manage #Transversemyelitis

SN Mum

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