Friendships are key when you are going through a really tough time.
They support you, make you smile and get you through each day with a quick message or a visit.

I’ve got one friend, Mel, who in the past 13 weeks has visited 2 – 3 times each week and messaged me every day.
She has given up her free time to come and sit with me, take me out to tescos and even today she took me to Shirley for a wander round a few shops.
She is the one who is making me laugh when I’m down, reassures me when I doubt myself and generally makes me smile every day.

I met her 6 yrs a go in the hospital when Lewis and her daughter Phoebe were in having treatment.

She has been a constant, amazing friend who I’d be lost without

Thank you Mel for all you do for me xxxx

SN Mum

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