Bitter Pill To Swallow

Today was my first home visit since I fell ill in January.

The OT and Physio took me to my house to see what equipment I need when home and to see how I got on attempting the stairs on my bum.

Well from an access point of view it was a bit difficult getting over the lip of the door but I made it through.  I was able to manoeuvre around the ground floor in my chair with little problem. From an equipment point of view I’ll need a few bits in the wet room to help my independence but they are minor in the grand scheme of things.

Now the stairs. For the past week I have been learning to bump up the stairs on my bum. In the gym here they have rails either side so I was able to poorly pull myself up once or twice on a step.
Now transfer that to home. I was a tiny bit confident that, although slow, I would be able to make it up the stairs on my bum. How wrong was I??!!

The stairs at home are much deeper and steeper than the ones in the gym.
From standing on the floor and attempting to sit on the third step I realised that this was going to be far more difficult than I had hoped. With the OT pushing my legs and the Physio pulling me top half I made it onto the step. It was exceptionally hard, pushing on my hands and then on my knuckles to try and get some height. It really wasn’t happening.
After 2 attempts they both looked at me and said that with all the will in the world that I wouldn’t be able to get myself upstairs using my legs or my bum.

My only way of getting home and getting upstairs is to get a stair lift.

I’ve not cried so much in a long time. I really had hoped that I’d be able to get upstairs under my own body power. 
My legs are too short and not strong enough, my arms aren’t strong enough, my whole body has fallen apart and there is nothing I can do about it. 

Now as a family we have to try and find the money to get a stair lift installed. We’ve been told we are looking at £4500 for a new stair lift. Money we just don’t have. We don’t qualify for any benefits because my husband works hard and we own our own home. We’re assessed as a couple not as individuals.

Life really is shit right now but yet again I have to suck it all up and just get on with it.

Oh joy

SN Mum

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