Anyone One For Tea???

Today was a single physio session and I was taken to the therapy kitchen.

Once there I had to walk to the worktop with my frame and sit on the perching stool. I was already shattered by this walk but I then proceeded to make a cup of tea for myself and the physio. I’d forgotten how heavy the kettle is and trying to squeeze a teabag was a big of a mission when trying to hold yourself upright.

The worse thing was trying to put a bottle of milk in the fridge. I really can’t twist and lower my upper body and hold my legs straight and still. Everything shakes.

I managed to do some side stepping which is only possible when I can see my feet so no mean feat.

I have been spending time with the young lad who was in an horrific accident last year. His whole life changed as did his families.

He has fought and fought and fought and is a true inspiration to those around him as he has gone from being in a coma to standing talk and walking in 6 months.

When you moan about your leg is aching, you’re tired, aching please remember that there are people out there who are fighting battles to improve their health and lives after events that are no fault of their own.

SN Mum

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