Feeling Useless

Right now that is the only way to describe how I feel.
Both my boys are poorly at home and all I want to do is be there to comfort them, hug them and make everything better.

I can’t do any of that and it’s horrible. 

This illness has taken so much away from me.
My ability to Walk
My ability to care for my youngest son
My ability to comfort and hug them
My ability to hold a pen/cutlery properly
My ability to dress properly
My ability to go to the bathroom.

It’s taken a big chunk of who I am away and I hate it!!

I had a physio session this afternoon and asked whether it is normal for someone like me to be more affected on one side than the other and she confirmed it’s a common thing. My right side struggles with everything and as I’m right hand dominant it is really frustrating.

I hate how this illness is leaving me feeling so rubbish.

SN Mum

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