An Emotional Week

As the title says, it’s been an emotional week this week.

My eldest son Adam turned 10 yesterday and it was an emotional day for all. In the past 5 years I’ve only celebrated his birthday at home once or twice. Lewis has been in hospital and now I am in hospital.
He has had to deal with so much disruption in his short life and has faced it with a brave face and barely moaned.

I decorated my room with balloons and banners with a lot of help from my friend and her eldest daughter.

We tried to make it as special as.we could.

When he arrived in the morning he was so excited. We gave him his present and i filmed his reaction. To say he was seriously overwhelmed is an understatement! He ran to me, burst into tears and kept saying ‘I love it, I love you, I’m crying’

He has never been a child that is ungrateful or expects more from you. He was so surprised that we had bought him something so wonderful. He just couldn’t believe it. To top it off we have him a game to go with it and that was one happy 10yr old!!

It’s really drained me emotionally. I’ve reflected back on when he was born prematurely at 32wks. He has grown up to be such a caring, loving,  thought young man who thinks nothing of looking after those who need comfort or help.

He pushed me in my wheelchair all the way to tescos the other day just so we could all go for a Costa together as a family.

I really want to, need to get home now. I need to be with my family.  I want to be able to curl up with them and do normal things.

I’m working hard on my physio. Over did it tuesday. Walked with a frame my furthest distance yet! I’ve never shaken so much through effort.

Today I did (attempted) small steps along a work top and did some balancing standing up. I’ve realised I don’t trust my legs. All because I can’t feel them. I feel like I’m going to fall and face plant the nearest surface.

I’ve developed a strain in my wrists and elbows due to taking so much pressure through them. It’s so painful. Got to try and rest them.
Add into the fact I have to try and keep my legs up due to serious cankles I’m doing well!!! My toes are vanishing due to my swollen feet!!!

Oh well tomorrow is another day. Core group in the morning then I’m done for the day!

No visitors though tomorrow so will be a long and quiet day.

Time for some pain meds and to put my cankles on their pillows and watch rubbish on the TV


#Transversemyelitis #iwanttogohome

SN Mum

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