Meetings,plans and cuddles!

The last few days have been pretty busy. Thursday Friday and Saturday were days for therapy.

Core group was interesting! Trying to do certain core exercises when you cant feel anything is hard work and left me feeling disappointed to be honest. I don’t know whether or not I’ve managed to do what was asked of me so felt a little bummed about it.
Then was my Goal Planning Meeting – setting my small goals that will lead to my bigger goal of going home.  I certainly won’t be going home likening was before this happened.  I’ve accepted that now.

Saturday was interesting, rewarding and bloody hard work.

I had physio with a lovely lady who took me into the therapy kitchen.
After transferring to a perching stool using my frame, I had to pull/push my way to standing relying on just my non existent legs and 2 wobbly arms

I did it! It took every once of energy to get there but I did it!!!

I then made myself a cup of tea, sitting on the stool in between and leaning heavily on my left arm when stood up.
Trying to teach my legs to lock straight and my bum to stay in and my body to stand tall is no mean feat! Every part of my body shook as I did it.

I then managed 3 x 1 min stands using just my hands for support. I think my hands went white for all the weight I was pushing through them!! 6 weeks ago I didn’t think this would be possible! Still 1 min is better than 0 min!
All this hard work was then paid off by a leg rub with moisturiser and rubbing with a towel, nope still no feeling!

After lunch came my best reward!
Cuddles with my boys! When I transferred from my chair to bed with my frame my eldest said ‘mum I’m so proud of you, that looked so hard but you did it!’

I spent a good hour having a cuddle with them before I became too tired to support Lewis.

Today (sunday)

I had a bit of a lay in, git myself washed and dressed, using my grabby stick I managed to get my trousers on!!!

Then Paul and the boys turned up, followed by my mum & dad.
We all went and had a very lovely meal in the restaurant together. A lovely way to spend Valentine’s day.

My mum then gave Lewis a much needed hair cut and then they left.

Paul then took a look at my feet and ankles. They currently resemble fat sausages so gave them a massage and elevated them for me.

Now I’m on my own again, thinking of what to do this evening and what the week ahead brings. Hopefully some improvement.

SN Mum

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