Hurdle Attempted …….

But didn’t quite clear it!!

Ok so yesterday I went on a home visit to try and see how I’d get on now that the stair lift is in place (thank you mum & dad!) & other equipment had been delivered.

First challenge was to get through the front door. With a bit of lifting and carrying we made it over the threshold and I was in!

Felt strange being in the house again after the disastrous last attempt!!

Next challenge was to get on the stair lift and get upstairs. I have to reach a little but made it on to the seat and after a few directions in how to use it I was soon going upstairs for the first time since the beginning of the year. It was pretty nerve wracking being lifted on a chair but I made it to the top and onto my upstairs frame.

With a lot of hard work I managed to walk with my frame to the bedroom. One thing I’ve learnt is that it isn’t easy on carpet!

I sat on the edge of my new bed and managed to get my legs on to it and with a lot of effort I managed to stand back up again so challenge no.2 complete!

Back to the stair lift and back down stairs to go and tackle the arm chair.

It’s a lot lower than I remember and was a bit of a drop to get into. 
We worked out that I needed to have my wheelchair pad under the seat cushion to give me some extra height. It was again a hard job getting up but I did it so challenge 3 complete.

Next was the challenge of getting off of the toilet in Lewis wet room. This wasn’t too bad with the frame in place. Again it will need raising to help with the lift up.  Challenge complete.

Once the OT and RA were happy we agreed I’d stay the night and see how I got on.

It was once they left that I fell apart.
I felt like such a stranger in my own home. It was all alien and I felt in the way. My mum was amazing and let me sob on her and get out my tears.

So many changes.

I knew it would be hard but I guess I thought I could just fall straight back into mummy/wife – Trish. I guess I have to face the fact that I’m not the same Trish anymore. I’m in a wheelchair, I’m weaker than I used to be and I now have to accept that I need to ask for help.

Adam had no idea I was going to be home as we hadn’t wanted to disappoint him. When he got home from school I was sat in the living room in my chair. As he walked into the room he didn’t know what to do! He looked like he wanted to jump on me, cry, grin! He decided to walk over and give me the best hug ever!  He said I had given him the best surprise ever. To see him so happy to see me home helped me drive my fears down a bit.

Lewis being Lewis was just being his usual cheeky demanding self.  He really has become a full on cheeky monkey!!

We spent the evening doing ‘typical’ family things and I then had to tackle the stair lift again. Getting in to bed was not only hard work but a relief at the end of the day. Watching my family carry on with the day to day stuff was lovely but hard (that’s a whole other post!!)

It was this morning that was hard. By hard I mean pretty much impossible!!

So after waking up disorientated and trying to work out where I was I then had to work out how I was going to get up and out of bed!!!

After texting Paul (yes I did say I text him) he managed to heave me into a seated position and I attempted to get dressed!! Not so easy when you are used to a firm hospital mattress. Then to get off of the bed. Well that was a farce and a half. My leg went into spasm, I got stuck with one hand on the free and the other on the bed! Paul had to kind of wrap his arms round me and pull me up to standing.

So then it was the walk with the frame to the stairs and my lift down! I managed to get into Lewis’ room and got myself as close as I could (wheelchairs and profiling beds don’t mix very well)
Well he was in full giggle mode and I snatched the opportunity to get in there for a cheeky tickle and a sneaky stretched cuddle. He was in  full belly laugh mode and made my heart melt yet again.

I had a big challenge to face today. It was looming closer and closer and I got more and more nervous until the time came to face my fear.

I had to play against Adam in Fifa 16!!!

I am USELESS. I don’t know the buttons, no idea what those working wobbly stick things do and well I was in for a fifa thrashing!!!

To be honest by the time I had to leave the game to get ready to come back to the ward I was doing reasonably well. I was 2-1 down and had a player sent off!! Not bad for a 1st attempt. 

The time had come and it was loading time to go back to the ward.

Saying goodbye to the kids was so so hard and I hate it.
The loading part into my dad’s car was interesting! We had a few comedy moments trying to get the frame into the car!!!

So now back on the ward it’s onwards with the physio and OT to get all things sorted and hopefully home in a week or so.

So hurdle reached and made it to the top but didn’t quite clear it.

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